Tuesday, October 23, 2007


First Things First

First you learn to ride ...........

Then you learn to run-up.

Yesterday we started a 20 week program - (1 night a week) with Velocity Sports Performance.
Thanks to Josh (I think) for setting this up. 14 of us, from 15 to (almost) 50 showed up to do exercises that I haven't done in probably 35 years or so. Some exercises I've never even seen or heard of that had to be invented by some hyper-coordinated contortionist gym-rat. It's all good, as long as my knees hold out. Today glutes, hammies, and quads are sore. Not the same sore as after a hard ride, but sore all around. All those stabilization muscles that we never use cycling, took a real beating.
Why do we do this?
Hmmmmm ?????? ......... Ideas :
  1. It'll soon be to dark and cold to get good rides in.
  2. Because Velocity can help make you faster, stronger, and more explosive. Yep, it's gotta be true, I saw it on the website. More explosive - does that mean I'll blow up more during a race?
  3. We're all gluttons for punishment.
  4. We just love each others sweaty company.
  5. It beats sitting on the couch and eating pizza.
  6. It gives us something to blog about.
It's going to "fun" and really great ................................
when it's over!
Went out at 6:15AM for the Tuesday group rides. A bit stiff at first, then didn't feel too bad. Probably 'cause all I did was suck wheels. Damn near got dropped AXE-elleratiing from every red light.

Ha, I do it so I can sit on the couch in front of the fitty eating pizza, drinking beer, and topping it off with Ben and Jerry's

^ catchy, itn't it?
My legs were so sore...what in the heck did we do to get them that way? Good times, looking forward to next week.
I'm glad someone else's legs are sore too. Went for a run this AM and it's almost finally going away.
Lowering myself onto a chair (and getting out of one)was the worst.
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