Tuesday, January 24, 2006


If the Bike Fits, Ride It

Been looking for a professional bike fitting for a while.

SoloGoat uses the Wobblenaught system and raves about it.

Nick Martin just got fitted on both MTB and Road bike in Boulder and said it's worth every penny.

So I stop at the shop to find out how Roberio's bike fitting class went and he says they should be up and running in February doing bike fits right at the Conte's Va Bch location. Yea baby. Better yet his training got him certified by the main man himself at BCSM, the same place where Nick went! We won't have the entire video set-up for analysis but it's still great news to have something locally.

If anyone wants a copy of the new map of Ipswitch let me know by email :
the blog title at mindspringdotcom . Those guys did a nice job making a map and working to get an old classic trail open. Probably head out this weekend to ride it and help clean up some. We need more legal trails on this side of the water. Thanks Jon and Corey.

90 minutes on rollers today. All indoor riding the last few years has been on a trainer. And it hasn't been much. With Sebring less than a month away I'm limiting my outdoor days if the temp is below 45. Hate to sound like a wimp, but just don't want to get sick again. Now I didn't say I was ELIMINATING cold weather riding, just limiting it to say 1 or 2 days a week. Anyway the first 5 minutes or so on rollers was a bit shakey as I havn't been on 'em in a long long time. But hey - it's just like riding a bike! After 5-10 minutes I was (almost) as solid as a rock, and able to handle the remote control too! At least I didn't fall off and run into a wall or anything. NOPE - don't think I'll be doin' 8 hours on those things like Paddy.

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