Saturday, January 21, 2006



I hereby declare this cold/bronchitis whatever it is HISTORY. Threw some road tires on the TriCross and went out to the Saturday team rides. 14 days since any serious bike workout. That gives rise to the question - What is serious? Answer lies in a four letter word - PAIN.

Only way to sort out/fine tune the new bike is saddle time. Felt pretty decent on the first loop with the faster group 'till I threw my chain 4 times going up the small bridge. Efff. OTB. Only had a few working gears. Tried like heck to sort out the shifting last night and it seemed okay on the stand, but when under power the chain was jumpin' around like Master P on that dance show. Time to surrender and take it in to someone that knows better. Was stuck spinnin' the small ring (a 34) for most of the day, which just won't hang in this group. but it was fun nonetheles. Except now I'm as sore as I've been in recent recorded history. In 14 days days I forgot how good it can feel to hurt.

The sun rose to a clear sky, then the front covered us like a windy blanket. Hey, the weather - it moves in cycles! Just ask JL. We actually sent off 2 groups, the fast and the faster. Who dat in da new BAR jersey?

Nothin' like 60+ miles with a "small" group of strong riders to blast the cobwebs out of the legs. <--Rollin' out for loop 2. Loop 3 had a nice beat into a 20 mph headwind. Andy and I set out early knowing the train would, as trains do, run us down, and at 1o miles, they did. Here's to Pete and Austin who stayed away.

And here's to Andy. Visiting Newport News from Richmond and joining us for the first time. Andy can normally be found tearing up Pocohontas State Park on one Butt Ugly Single Speed.
Not only was it his first ride with us, it was his first group road ride ever. He did it on a cross bike with one 40 tooth chain ring. We gotta call that baptism by fire. Good on ya'!
It was nice to be back out and gettin' a REAL



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