Sunday, January 22, 2006


Shifting the Blame

I was getting ready to throw my cross bike on the roof rack to take it to the pros and have my shifting problems fixed and I glanced at the chain ..........
YIKES. It failed at the master "pin", while I was stomping up the second hill (bridge) during the first loop on Saturday. I probably didn't press the pin far enough into the inside link. Amazing that it held together for the next 40+ miles. It sure wasn't far from totally letting go. Guess I failed at Bike Mechanics 101. Won't stop trying though. Like Eddie O I made a New Year resolution.

One other thing - I kept hearing about this Craft stuff. So I laid down the dinero and tried it out on Saturday. It's the BOMB. Keeps the sweat were it should be - away from the wind where it'll just make you colder. I likee.


Wanna-be bike mechanic


Right on man! Craft stuff is the shiznit!
I some Craft stuff this winter, finally. It rocks!
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