Thursday, January 19, 2006


Quick Note and More

Found a few good blog entries from other people that share my Love2Ride :

i race ALL bikes
i now am a racer of ALL bikes... i will race mountain bikes this year in addition to road and track bikes... and i am doing cross on some pro cross team on 06-07...i race ALL bikes...

and BMX too in NC in the summer

from erik saunders who also posted a sneak peak at George Hincappie's one off custom Trek fixie.

He rides anything:

I love riding. I'll ride anything from freeride to unicycle. Once I rode a kids 16" wheeler 13 miles for fifty bucks. Yep, anything.

From Jesse Lalonde's blog creepyfriendy. Jesse is the TRUE SSWC, if there is such a thing. Wonder if he's goin' to Sweden? Jesses got plenty o' ink already but I'd put Jimmy's tats up with any cycling related ink I've seen. See more at 2drunk2shift. Jimmy's gettin married soon so I doubt he'll be goin' to Sweden (could be a nice honeymoon trip). Wonder if Rob will make it 2 SSWC's in a row and go to Sweden?

For those considering it - Round trip Norfolk to Stockholm, Sweden with only one stop in Newark - $840. Leaving Thursday before and returning Saturday after. Come on, I know you wanna go! You CAN doooooo eeeeeeeeeeet!!

Interview w/Tobias from

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