Wednesday, January 18, 2006



Been sitting here trying to put a schedule together for the (post TI) year and finding out its going to be a busy one! Problem is there's just not enough weekend's or too many events. The Middle Mountain Momma is probably going to be the same weekend as TIV2, so I'll have to wait one more year to redeem my disaster of a race last year (it was still fun). Got some mega FF miles to use and would like to plan a major (free) airplane trip. Right now leaning toward the Fireweed 400 in Alaska

A 400 miler with only 2 turns and a turn around. Unbelievable scenery, a view mountain passes. Basically a ride from Anchorage to Valdez and back. With a KOM hill TT preem thrown in at about mile 250. HA!!

OR the SSWC which will be in Stockholm Sweden this year. THAT would be an amazing adventure. No date set yet for the SS thing so I'll just have to wait. WOOOOPS. No sooner do I post this then get the answer :

"My name is Tobias J├Ânsson and me and my co-arranger Jocke Simonson are the ones incharge of the SSWC 06 which will take place here in Stockholm Sweden. At the momentwe are nervously planning, thinking and brain-storming to make this event asingle speed party to be remembered and talked about long after...We are also checking up and talking to a lot of people for info, contactingsponsors and all those little details that are so easily forgotten... At the momentwe have narrowed down the dates and we have decided to chose the weekend of friday18, saturday 19 and sunday 20 of August as the days for the event. Friday eveningwill be the welcome and registration and beer drinking evening. Saturday will bethe race day and the single speeders ball/party - the whole night long. Sunday will be thehungover brunch and guided rides day.We are planing for the whole week following the SSWC weekend to be ariding festival with lots of guided rides in different areas around Stockholm forthose who might want to make a nice riding vacation of their trip here.But at the moment we are, as you can imagine, in frenetic planning mode......we are in the process of hooking up the beer sponsor - we have our fingers crossed!With this little snippet of info we just wanted to present ourselves a bit and theearly plans and our thinking around SSWC06 at the moment. A meatier and morefilling press-release will soon follow when we have opened our SSWC 06 website...With best hopes of narrow and winding trails... "

So if anyone out there is considering the '06 SSSSWC (Stockholm Sweden SSWC!)let me know.

In case you were wondering what the 2005 Va State BAR jerseys look like here ya go:

Courtesy of BJ who will be proudly wearing it! Great job.



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