Monday, January 30, 2006


You Be the Judge

Lessons Learned (Again)

My ride on Saturday reminded me about the most important thing when going long. Fuel. You know that, I know that, but it's still a real effort to consume everything you must in order to keep going. "Small" distractions of which there are many- cold, wind, bike fit, lighting, navigation, etc. etc. etc., can make you forget about consumming the fuel you need to go on. Consumming 10-15,000 calories or more in 24 hours, it's something we're just not used to doing. For some it's easier but for the rest of us it requires real effort. Especially when you're not passing a pit crew every lap to remind you to do it. Seems like it would be simple, all you're doing is pedaling, how hard can it be to keep eating. Pretty hard, especially when you have to consume (like the coneheads) MASS QUANTITIES.

On our regular 60+ mile Saturday group rides, I start to feel power drain after about about 50 miles if I take in nothing in at all. It's very comfortable to get through it with one bottle of energy drink and one gel or Gu. As long as I drink/eat it early. Last Saturday When I refueled afet 70-75 miles I knew I was already a bit behind the energy curve, yet I only took one large bottle and a Gu with me for the next 3+ hours. What was normally enough wasn't even close given the miles I had in already. So I hit the bonk wall hard on the last loop. I could continue to ride, but much slower and with that light headed delirium we all dread. Live and learn - AGAIN.

You be the Judge

I always thought Johan B looked familiar. Or maybe I thought Roberio looked familiar? Either way they both know a whole lot more about bikes than I do. Whadaya' think? Could they be related or what?

Somebody is a bit saddened by the No-Blog moniker. Really didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings but it only takes 1 little thing to remove it. At least I don't auto-delete your emails! hah

There is a writeup and some more photos of the Trashmore Cross Race here.

Nice ride on the SS yesterday to loosen up the legs. Felt good.



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