Thursday, January 26, 2006


Off and On

Some off topic stuff :

Why does this not surprise me?
Although a college hoops fan I don't really pay much attention to pro BBall. To give credit where it's due, LeBron has been very impressive in his play and his ability to stay out of his trouble since hitting the big time. In this case the apple seems to have fallen quite far from the tree. His Mom should look at him as a role model.

Found out on Jeff's site that Chris Penn died. Why haven't I heard much more of it anywhere else? Maybe I should read the paper or watch more TV. Chris was great in QT's Reservoir Dogs. I also liked Rumble Fish where he played a supporting role (as himself) next to Mickey Rourke, Matt Dillon, and a whole slew of young and at the time no-names. His has 2 films in post-production with no release date as yet.

Back on topic :

Seems like whenever I'm down at Razorback, I hear people talking about the Tour de Falasco. A 50+ mile mountain bike ride/race that fills up every year 2 months in advance. It would've been incredible to be there this year as both Tinker Juarez AND Ned Overend were there! This ageless duo have been racing each other for at least 25 years. How cool is that.

Speaking of Tinker, he recently purchased a Florida residence in Winter Garden, one of the many Florida towns with Winter in its name. I passed through Winter Garden on a ride over the Christmas Holiday. It's only 10-12 miles from those nice Florida hills around Clermont, so I'm sure Tinker will be training out that way a bunch. He's also not too far away from Santos, Alafia, or Razorback, where he OWN's the 12 hour race . It looks like Tinker will be skipping the 12 hrs of Razorback this year after winning it 3 of the last 4 years. I'd venture a guess that he is looking past RAAM and planning on doing BMB this year. You are a true inspiration, way to go, Mr. Juarez!!!

Looks like Thursday night will be All About Bikes! The Thursday niter on/off road group ride. Be there and get your



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