Friday, January 27, 2006


CCC and an Afternoon at the Switch.

Had a good ride last night with the Chesapeake Cycling Club out of All About Bikes. Got there early to have a chance to warm up, check the setup of the cross bike, and try to get a bearing on the route. Only my second time on this ride, so still not in tune with the flow of the thing. Temps near freezing kept the group small - only 7 or 8 of us. Sitting in the lot behind the shop getting ready and the freakin' power goes out! For the entire sector, everything up to the Hospital. No street lights, no traffic lights, nothin', pitch black. After a 30 minute warmup it's still black as we roll out and somebody in a car says - "You guys have more lights than the whole shopping center!" Funny thing, he was right.

Went to check out Ipswitch today. Nice little park in Chesapeake. Some folks have been puttin' in time to fix it up. I took another bike, the one with shocks, pegs......(I'm lucky), so I could take it off some sweet jumps --->

The Switch is a cool place, some serious BMX jumps (those on the right are just a tiny seldom used sample).

The "cross country" trails are sweet, and would be ideal for a single speed. They're mostly all laid out, just need to be ridden in to define 'em a bit more. You can see a nice map here. So if you live nearby get out there and get your



Speaking of Napolean Dynamite (and we were weren't we?), he's moved on from sweet jumps to endurance cycling, just check out his t-shirt.

hey jb
myself and a semi regular crew of 26rs have been hitting the jumps for the past month or so of weekends.

i jacked up my ankle yesterday so that session was cut short.

we're out there just about ever sat/sun if the weather is good.
please email me at or call larry davis about some help at ipswish. larrys # is on it looks like youve done alot of work. we hope we can help make it even better.
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