Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Sweatin' w/the ROLLdies

Got a massive sweat goin' on the rollers yesterday 'cause the weather outside was too gnarly for the group rides........

Re-did some linkage to the left :
Added UltraRob up there. He's got a full time job, a family, and is busy training away for solo RAAM......go get 'em Rob. In March he'll be headed to Texas for hell week.

I put the Va State (D42) BAR schedule up there for myself and the locals. I'll add a standings link once there are any standing.

The Jefferson Cup Road Race up in Charlottesville looked to turn into a BikeReg registration fiasco. This will be my first attempt at this, or any USACycling road race for that matter, so we'll see how it goes. Reg was scheduled to open up at 9:00AM this morning, so I sat patiently on front of computer left index finger ready to click away. Hitting refresh on 2 separate windows around 9:00. Then the screen changes to show all classes closed at 9:03........WTF? Sat around and waited, but the server was slow and I had things to do and places to be. Got in front of the screen 45 minutes later to see some classes were already over 1/2 filled. Luckily got my reg in but I'm sure many won't. C4 was filled by 10:15.

Cyclocross World's happened last weekend and US U23 champ Troy Wells got T-boned in the first lap smashing both wheels and some flesh. He ran 1k back to the pit, got rolling again and finished the race with a fractured elbow and bruised face. (photo link from the TIAA-CREF guys) Jon Page (who was sick at the US nationals) finished best American just a minute down in 10th. Great job.

Blogging with new-school style can be a rough and lonely road.



JB, thanx for changing some linkage to the left there!
The jeff cup pre reg was quite nerve racking this am, but I'm IN!
I just may ride tomorrow morning.

One of these days you can show me how to do those links thingys on the left there. I tried messin with em, and as you can see, there's nothing there!
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