Monday, February 06, 2006


Long Distance Madness

JK and GTed spent the weekend finalizing the Trans-Iowa course. Word is it will be 340-350 miles long and "much tougher than last years course". The adjective "heinous" was even applied to the course itself. Reminds me of the opening to one of those crimes shows:

"Some endurance courses are particularly HEINOUS and must be dealt with by a special breed of bicycle racers."

Now these must be some sadistic dudes. They made a course last year that only saw 7 out of 50 actually finish. So I "guess" the natural impulse is to make it even tougher?!?! HAH. Bring it on brotha's. Some shots of the "roads" we'll be riding:

There's gonna be some REAL interesting stories to be told after this one.

For a little peek into the mind of an ultra-ultra-ultra endurance specialist have a look at this interview with Jure Robic.

K-Dogg, Crazy, and some of the blue train, are down in sunny Florida trying to be SO Pro at a one week training camp. I'm jealous. They''ll be gettin' some of this.

I went out Sunday and got thrashed at the Fat Frogs Sunday morning leg-burner. Someday I'm gonna make it to this ride on fresh legs, or maybe not, either way it is a ride that always just flat kicks my (__!__). Just finishing a mega-mile 10 day training phase and am looking forward to a nice soft taper going into Sebring which is less than 2 weeks away

Bring your climbing A-game.
HAH! That'll be tough. My climbing A game is prolly at best a strong B- But I WILL bring it!

I'll say an early thanks to you and Mark for putting in all the prep and organizing work. From the looks of things I may not have many kind words for you guys when its over! :-)
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