Saturday, February 04, 2006



Trying to work through the plethora (always liked that word - plethora - It's like, more that a lot, but less than a shiteload) of bike choice/set-up options for T-I. So I got a set of 1.8 Jones XR Bonties from the good folks at Speedgoat to try on the Tricross and SS.

The rear triangle on the Tricross was a little short on clearence, so it was snip snip snip.

A lateral posterior knobectomy produced a pile of knubbies and a skinnier, lighter smooth rolling tire. The extra volume should give a little more comfort and cushion to my ASSos over the long hual.

Had the Tricross in to the shop where Eric refined and fine tuned my build like only a pro can. She's shifting nice, and I've gotta say I like the look with the fat tire on the rear, skinny up front. Baby's got Back! I'm still not totally sold on the 10 speed DuraAce thing. Not quite sure how it'll hold up if subjected to 340 miles of this. Should it turn out to be the bike of choice, I may consider switching to a 9-speed XTR setup. Still plenty of time to work these things out.

Of course the final test will be to go and find some sweet jumps and get like, 3 feet of air.

What's In a Name?

I guess ol' Herc got a haircut? Woops that'd be Samson.



I'm left speechless at the plethora of cut knobs. JM
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