Monday, October 08, 2007


Saltim - WHAT?

Got together with some good friends/teammates and saw the Cirque du Soliel Saltimbanco, which was in town for a brief stint. It did not disapoint. Acrobatics, bungee jumping, mimes, fixed gear bicycle tricks, the show had it all. It was like watching a living, breathing cartoon.

Much of the troupe had these bright skinsuits on.

A possible team kit for cross season? Probably not.

The outfit shares too many colors with a fast, and (recently disbanded?) local team.

One of the highlights of the show was the boleadoras act.

What could be more captiving than watching women swing a pair of balls on the end of a string? You tell me. A better video of the show here.

After the performance we all went to Bobbywood. On the way back to the car I stubbed my big toe on an uneven sidewalk. Thought it was insignificant till we stopped a hundred yards later and noticed a nice puddle of blood overflowing from my sandal. Ugh. Now have a big, fat, throbbing, bandaged toe. Looks like I'll loose a bunch of meat from the tip and under the nail bed. Sucks. After wedging my hoof into a cycling shoe I rode on Sunday, , but couldn't put much power out with that foot. Standing and pedaling was WAY out of the question. Bad timing with CX races this weekend.

Wha'daya'gonna'do .............



"The outfit shares too many colors with a fast, and (recently disbanded?) local team."

C'mon, give up the gossip. Which team?
Heal up quick. Ironcross calls.
i guess they're not disbanded, but rumour has it riding under a different sponser next year. Just remove the red/pink from that loud outfit and you'll know .......Samd colors.
Our you referring to the Wheelmen (aka Bike Zone) or SR Racing?
Without the red those look just like he SR kits.

Don't they?
They do look like SR. Maybe that's their off season training.
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