Monday, October 15, 2007



A fun filled 2 days,

2 cross races on Saturday at a dry and dusty Coopers Vineyards,

and 1 BIG Cross race on Sunday

It was an incredible weekend, met some inspirational folks, saw some great racing, saw some old friends, had a great day with the team, and beat myself to a pulp. Was all well worth it. More to come later, 'cause ...

I'm very, verrry, tired ......



Dusty is right. Good to see you at the Vineyard.
WoW, nice dustbowl shots! Wish I could do some VACX races. I am so frustrated by the scheduling this year...
Way to make an epic weekend even more epic JB! Good job at the IC and as always, great to ee ya!
good meeting you out there in the dust..

See ya soon.
JB, I was looking for you to stay another night in the hostel! That place is spooky w/ out Hosang and the Dog around. What a fun wkned!

Do you know where the Vineyard cross results are posted?
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