Saturday, October 06, 2007


R & R

Cross practice on Thursday was attended by a modest crowd despite the beautiful weather. YoungZack, Josh, Marco, K-Dogg, JimmyD, and later, AtD and Crazy.

We rode around a bit then each did 2 TTS probably bit over 1K long. Started at the top of the big hill. The grass was hard and bumpy. It finished with a run/ride back up the monster. JimmyD rocked it, Crazy tried to eat the 2nd barrier, I rode like a fat ol' tired flatlander. Still a great workout. K-Dogg has some post ride pics up here.

Going through about a zillion photos and trying to sort and categorize 'em. Brought back some memories :

Riding in the desert at noon can get hot, and shade is hard to find, gotta use it when you can, only place the temp might be below 100.

After a few hours riding in the heat, a sudden rain storm is a welcome relief,

but can lead to some dirty bikes.
After 14 straight days of riding I took a day off yesterday. Time to taper.

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