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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Behind the Brown Door

Which sounds vaguely renminiscent of a classic old movie ...........

but we won't go there.

Behind the brown door is slowly becoming what will be a bicycle storage and maybe even place to spin on the god-forsaken indoor trainer. A few remodeling projects need to be finalized (they're almost done) before the room behind the brown door gets it's final makeover.

Until then it's not just a haphazard bike storage, but a veritable orgy of the 2 wheeled variety.

If you're plain old bored (you must be to be reading this), let's play count the bicycles. Since many of the front wheels get hung their separate little area, we'll define a bicycle here as a frame and rear wheel. Extra credit for brand name and model.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007


First Things First

First you learn to ride ...........

Then you learn to run-up.

Yesterday we started a 20 week program - (1 night a week) with Velocity Sports Performance.
Thanks to Josh (I think) for setting this up. 14 of us, from 15 to (almost) 50 showed up to do exercises that I haven't done in probably 35 years or so. Some exercises I've never even seen or heard of that had to be invented by some hyper-coordinated contortionist gym-rat. It's all good, as long as my knees hold out. Today glutes, hammies, and quads are sore. Not the same sore as after a hard ride, but sore all around. All those stabilization muscles that we never use cycling, took a real beating.
Why do we do this?
Hmmmmm ?????? ......... Ideas :
  1. It'll soon be to dark and cold to get good rides in.
  2. Because Velocity can help make you faster, stronger, and more explosive. Yep, it's gotta be true, I saw it on the website. More explosive - does that mean I'll blow up more during a race?
  3. We're all gluttons for punishment.
  4. We just love each others sweaty company.
  5. It beats sitting on the couch and eating pizza.
  6. It gives us something to blog about.
It's going to "fun" and really great ................................
when it's over!
Went out at 6:15AM for the Tuesday group rides. A bit stiff at first, then didn't feel too bad. Probably 'cause all I did was suck wheels. Damn near got dropped AXE-elleratiing from every red light.

Monday, October 22, 2007


PoleGreenCross by Cobblestone.

Pole Green Cross by COBBLESTONE BIKE

Fun racing in summer-like weather

Shawn and Marco giv'n'r ---->

Super Sally had a great race with Julie K.

Chris, Marco, Albe, and MikeMc, did 2 races each. TurboTim, and BillyG quit while they were ahead, each notching top finishes in their first race before opting out of more abuse.

I "did" two races, but wasn't feelin' it at all ..... or maybe I was feelin' it too much? Either way, still a good workout. Suckmeter was redlined. Thanks for all the yelling, screaming, and cowbells. If it weren't for those I'd of bailed on the second race after 1 lap.

Sounds like Crazy and K-Dogg had some great rides at Wiss and da-Nogue.

Pictures will be up after my photo site gets their junk together.



Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Lessons Learned Last Weekend - Part 1

The Cooper Vineyard course was short and fast. Hard and bumpy too. That's not a complaint. I liked the course a lot (well - except for that hill). I'll even say I liked the hill too. I just didn't like that I couldn't go up it as fast as the rest of the world.

Got to the venue a bit later than I'd like, still got reg'd and had about a 20 minute warm-up. Went to the porta-johns, which were about 1/2 mile from the start. Realized I hadn't pinned up. Got that done quick. 3 minutes to start. YIKES. Sprinted across the field. As I was headed down the hill the 35+ group (which started 1 minute before the 45+) were flying up at me. Made it down the, hill snuck under the tape, turned my bike around as the gun went off. Stayed in touch with the 2nd group for like 2 laps. Got dropped on (you guessed it) the hill. Fought back hard on the fast back straight, but totally blew up like a cheap carnival balloon. Chased after and leapfrogged a few guys. Way deep in in the hurt locker. Kept waiting for the lap board to give me an idea of how much longer I had to suffer. It finally came out and said 8 laps to go.

WTF! 8 more laps!!!! NO - NO - NO effin' way. I felt like I'd been out there for an hour already. My burning lungs and wet noodle legs told me that aint gonna happen. My body screamed at my brain :

"Blame it on your TOE"

"Quit this race now."

"DNS the next race."

"No show IronCross"

"Sell your cross bike"

"Go home and relax"

A cooler head prevailed, and I sucked it up to finish. Thanks to Mark for the words of encouragement as he lapped me. They came when I really needed 'em. National champ Fred Wittwer flew by me more than once also. At just 3 minutes or so the laps went by quick. Being a lappee meant I didn't have to do all 8. What a bonus. I feel honored just to be on the same course as these fast "old" guys.

On paper a 45 minute CX race appears to be %50 longer than a 30 Minute CX race.

Lesson #1 - A 45 minute CX race is actually TWICE as long as a 30 minute one. REALLY.

So how much longer is a 1 hour cross race? Not sure I wanna know - just yet anyway

Changed clothes, took some photos, then went back and kitted up for round 2 with the C's. Saw my buddy Andy out there, and Nate too (didn't realize it was you til later Nate, I was delerious). Gave Andy some crap for not upgrading yet, but he stills needs a few more races or a few more points. At the line saw more than a few guys with carbon wheels and sew-ups. Damn, the C division is getting serious.

Race 2 went better, especially since I now knew (at only 3o minutes) it was only 1/2 as long as the first race.

It was great seeing Andy (you can call him An-Twan) take first place on his SS.

His weapon of geared bike destruction ---> Sorry photo won't load check back!

Oher notes about the race :

The venue has HUGE potential. Thanks to the vintner and crew for hosting the race and giving out wine samples. It really is good stuff. Try it sometime. Total Wine in Virginia carries it.

The course just needs to be longer, and have a few more dismounts/technical sections. There's a ditch that runs through that could be used somehow, and there's plenty of land to add length.

Thanks to the promoters Sally Snead and Alan of North America

Craig Dodson had the step through workin' at full stride and was wowing the crowd with his speed through the barriers. I like the barriers where they were, it puts a premium on technique.



Monday, October 15, 2007



A fun filled 2 days,

2 cross races on Saturday at a dry and dusty Coopers Vineyards,

and 1 BIG Cross race on Sunday

It was an incredible weekend, met some inspirational folks, saw some great racing, saw some old friends, had a great day with the team, and beat myself to a pulp. Was all well worth it. More to come later, 'cause ...

I'm very, verrry, tired ......



Wednesday, October 10, 2007


TOEtally Psyched, I Think

IronCross V is just a few days away, time to get psyched.

Saturday is the start of the VaCX series, time to get psyched!
The Poor Farm Fall Cup is this weekend, time to get psyched. Good luck to JB and those entered. I'm sure AC has a killer course planned ...... time to get PSCYHED!
George is hosting the last road race of the year is down in NC. Good luck to KJ, Tyler and everyone else making the trip. Time to GET PSYCHED!!
Trebon won CX Vegas . Vervecken won day 1 up in Lon GUYland - Then Wicks did it the next day. Time to REALLY get psyched. Click on the Cylocross Videos button on the left to see some video of it.

If you can't get excited about cross - go get your pulse checked, then go get a cowbell ...... A BIG ONE!

Some reports on last years IronCX IV, for your reading pleasure :

Alicia Parr

Oswald Cycle Works

Making Circles

Danielle Musto

Gary Hill - who came over from Europe

and an old report on IronCross III by Nate Deibert

and a picture to get you MORE psyched - The last part of the multi-crawl up. Got to meet and chat with Mike Kuhn on a preride. All those dudes are wicked fast. Very personable guy. Super fit. He was kind enough to wait at the top of the crawlups.

and if that aint enough to check you pumped up ........ well .......... check THIS out :

yes, Rob Jebb will be at IronCross. Three Peaks was actually cancelled this year . 'Eeze cum across fer da suffrin'

Give Your Big Toe a Hug Day

I'm looking for my camera battery charger so I can can take a pic of my bludgeoned big toe. Big toes are sort of funny ... haha .... and very underappreciated. They just sit down there, taking up space in our shoe, and making there relatives look small. We really take them for granted until they aren't working right, then we realize how important they are. So give your big toes a HUGE hug today to let them know how much you care.

Riding on the road isn't too bad as long as I don't hit any bumps. Can't stand on the pedals. It's getting better day by day, but will it be ready for the weekend? Only time will tell, and it isn't talking ........

No CX practice tonight. Gonna TRY and ride CX bike through Seashore and see how it goes.



Monday, October 08, 2007


Saltim - WHAT?

Got together with some good friends/teammates and saw the Cirque du Soliel Saltimbanco, which was in town for a brief stint. It did not disapoint. Acrobatics, bungee jumping, mimes, fixed gear bicycle tricks, the show had it all. It was like watching a living, breathing cartoon.

Much of the troupe had these bright skinsuits on.

A possible team kit for cross season? Probably not.

The outfit shares too many colors with a fast, and (recently disbanded?) local team.

One of the highlights of the show was the boleadoras act.

What could be more captiving than watching women swing a pair of balls on the end of a string? You tell me. A better video of the show here.

After the performance we all went to Bobbywood. On the way back to the car I stubbed my big toe on an uneven sidewalk. Thought it was insignificant till we stopped a hundred yards later and noticed a nice puddle of blood overflowing from my sandal. Ugh. Now have a big, fat, throbbing, bandaged toe. Looks like I'll loose a bunch of meat from the tip and under the nail bed. Sucks. After wedging my hoof into a cycling shoe I rode on Sunday, , but couldn't put much power out with that foot. Standing and pedaling was WAY out of the question. Bad timing with CX races this weekend.

Wha'daya'gonna'do .............



Saturday, October 06, 2007


R & R

Cross practice on Thursday was attended by a modest crowd despite the beautiful weather. YoungZack, Josh, Marco, K-Dogg, JimmyD, and later, AtD and Crazy.

We rode around a bit then each did 2 TTS probably bit over 1K long. Started at the top of the big hill. The grass was hard and bumpy. It finished with a run/ride back up the monster. JimmyD rocked it, Crazy tried to eat the 2nd barrier, I rode like a fat ol' tired flatlander. Still a great workout. K-Dogg has some post ride pics up here.

Going through about a zillion photos and trying to sort and categorize 'em. Brought back some memories :

Riding in the desert at noon can get hot, and shade is hard to find, gotta use it when you can, only place the temp might be below 100.

After a few hours riding in the heat, a sudden rain storm is a welcome relief,

but can lead to some dirty bikes.
After 14 straight days of riding I took a day off yesterday. Time to taper.

Thursday, October 04, 2007



Of the near future : (IRONCROSS)

The corkscrew - Once past this - you're almost home!

The big gated area now has a smaller gate to wedge through.

and the long ago past :

Just around the time that the last of the old leather skull buckets rotted away from repeated profuse sweating .........

"The SkidLid Corporation" came out with the infamous "SkidLid". I found mine in a back corner behind the brown door. Circa - 1983 or so.

The helmet did look better with a cover stretched around it.

I, however, still look like a dork.

"The SkidLid represents the state of the bicycle helmet art but no helmet can prevent ALL head injuries. Ride Safely!"

I found a site with a nice history of helmets on it. Protect your cranium, you can't buy another one.



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